John Lasala New York

These days, John Lasala, New York financial attorney, spends most of his time in that big city, but he also spends lots of his time practicing in another big city, London, where he is a business development manager and a specialist in client marketing with Citi Alternative Investments. From that position, John oversees business development, marketing, management and communications for an institutional investor base. Besides assisting rating agencies in dealing with the resolution of outstanding credit threshold and issues for credit default swaps, bond portfolios, interest rate products, credit derivatives, among other types of instruments, he performs many other functions.

Among the activities engaged in by John Lasala, New York attorney, that one could call “other” include dealing with the legalities of sovereign wealth funds, endowments, pensions, foundations, banks, family offices and banks. John also manages investors’ due diligence and he helps with investment structuring and reporting. When you examine his background, John Lasala, New York attorney and financial advisor, has the experience, knowledge and skill to help any client get through any situation and come out on the other side in the most beneficial way possible.